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offices there is more of this than anywhere eels just this week, homeland security and u.s. customs say they confiscated $300,000 worth of unlicensed merchandise in san francisco. nationwide, $13 million in fake merchandise has been in china. >> these are selling from 15ses today $30. kit go for as much as 100s oodz is this licensed merchandise? >> yes. >> it is? >> can you show us?. >> what is that? >> it's a camera off me, please. >> this man we confronted on market street said he makes about 5s forwards every shirt he sell autos how are you able to break even? >> someone on the streets offered i said hey, why not. it's a chance to make money, do you know what i mean? i'm not robbing and stealing stuff. >> the merchandise store says it's not the street hustlers putting a dent in profits it's the pirate internet sites. part of the sting, six sites have been shut down, authorities say they keep popping up. a friend saw a jersey with jerry rice with a super bowl patch 47 on it. and we're -- it's not available out there. >> that is because rice isn't playing in super bowl 47. authorities
accommodations like giving advanced nlts of future paint jobs or using paint with lower grade chemicals. after he filed a complaint he says the city attorney agrowed to mediate n spring of 2011 almost a year after he says he got sick the city finally agreed to a settlement. where accommodations were made to protect him. from the chemicals of fresh paint jobs but stein says he got sick again when part of the building was painted with out any warning. his condition became worse during another paint job last year. still, he says his pleas wered:Ñ ignored. >> no one in a position of authority spoke up for my rights or hi my health he says it wasn't until giving notice last month he was retiring the city agreed to accommodations. the city attorney and the mayor on disability declined comment saying this was a personnel issue. vic lee abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00 russian town nearly ruined by a meteor what. are the odds it could happen where you live? >> get ready for another mild day then cooler, wetter weather. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> i nee
seen. vic lee has team coverage for us tonight. explain what you've been learning. >> well, dan, police removed the crime scene tape from this house, take a look. it's the second house across the stree. a neighbor said he'd moved here just last year, people we spoke with sate murder of the 13-year-old girl hit the community hard. >> we go to bed and wake up in the morning first thing we think about is that little girl that they found. >> a sense of relief police now have the murder suspect. anthony lamar jones is 32 years old arrested this morning at his mother's apartment in this residential complex. neighbor tells us an officer knocked on her door he asked me questions and showed me pictures of a man that they thought was the perpetrator. showed me pictures of the girl z asked if i had been to crown barber. >> crown barber turned out to be a hair styling shop jones reportedly started here at this shopping mall last year. police also appeared here this morning during the operation. they took evidence from the shop and boarded up the windows and door. this contractor was shocked to lear
dispensaries. abc 7 news mark matthews attend that had special skpegs here now with more for us. >> it's rare. they'd allow cameras in and meet at the university of san francisco law school andj( ÷ ths pits the city against a medical marijuana dispensary. riverside is not alone. 150 local governments banned december pens skpriz medical marijuana users say it's a throat their well being. >> if you can't find a local dispensary in tour town to purchase it, then what are you supposed to do? >> this argument lines up well with the dispensary argument. >> issues before the court is whether municipality may ban what state law has made lawful. >> but the attorney ran ni chorus of question frtz court over a city's right to regulate land use. >> what i need to you respond to this zoning authority question. >> the core of the case is land use regulations. >> legislature knows how towl say0"5o thou shalt not ban december pens riz. they didn't say that. >> that is the opposite of what the legislature was trying to accomplish to make this available. >> but the city of riverside attorney argued it could b
us they're relieved he no longer works here. >> jason from san bruno was once ab actor here in walnut creek and also worked here at the ballet school. jill's daughter takes ballet res ons at this school. >> it hurts my heart. you know? knowing someone around young children is doing something so terrible. >> operators told us they heard he was being investigated by both walnut creek and pleasant hill police he was fired. they say he was a clerk, not around children. the police lieutenant says the investigation into child molestation allegations began in november. >> a female juvenile came and reported he was sending inappropriate text messages to the young female. >> connelly says that report led to a lengthy investigation. >> a three-month long investigation revealed several crimes and day before yesterday, the d.a.filed four counts relating to child sex abuse. >> police won't tell us where this occurred but did mention incidents. and we're flif walnut creek abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> police in las vegas aren't sure what triggered confrontation that led to the death of an aspiring r
. that is a way she can make a difference. >> as a growing memorial one woman told us she met detective butler getting help with an assault case. >> taking the time to answer every phone call, every question i had. >> another woman told us she's known the sargeant through her with work on tenant rights he arrested me but was kind. >> on this day after the death of two its own, the small police department is still struggling to come to terms with what happened. >> the department is mourning. the city being protected. the community being protected. by the santa cruz county sheriff's office as well as california patrol. >> just to show how much support there is, this was a vigil supposed to take place at the police department. but there are so many people here, they decided so -- there were so many people at the vigil they decided to move it to a place able to accommodate everyone. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> heart warming to see that. thank you. governor brown ordered a flag to the state capitol flown at half staff. issuing a statement praising braifr rif the sargeant and detective. they were
but the residents who live in this neighborhood told us their idea to hire frustration. >> this is not an oakland police officer. but rather a bay alarm security agent pat rolling residential streets of the city looking for signs of trouble. >> we're getting calls from around the city and have to make sure we're taking care of our existing areas and make sure we can serve everybody. >> there has been a lot of break ins up above us and below. >> heidi is among an increasing number of residents pitching in with neighbors to hire private security to get what the city police force can't give them. a timely respoons to a burglary or break in. >> i understand the oakland police are very overwhelmed but when someone is in my backyard it's frustrating to know i don't have anyone to call to come help me. >> she came face-to-face withoo two intruders in her backyard. she called 911 and a neighbor. the neighbor arrived in minutes. oakland police never came. now, she and 30 neighbors are chipping in $30 a month to hire patrol for bay alarm and adding more security cameras. other neighbor is taking it furthe
coach told us he the field today for conditioning. >> just to everybody here he was a registered linebacker trying to do the right thing, transfer coming to make the trance grigs high school to college. >> classes were cancelled today to give investigators time to gather evidence that might be in the field during daylight hours. >> that isn't nice. >> good friends, perfect role models nudge wrong at all. >> foster's loss hits the laney football team hard. they lost another player nay car zeent when you see young people trying to dot right thing and making sacrifices to go to school every day, they're no longer with you, it's tough. >> now, investigators have finished collecting whatever evidence there might be here. the school will reopen tomorrow, investigators told us they do have leads but so far they have made no arrests and again, a vigil for foster about to begin here. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> state senatory went public about being the target of a death threat that led to an investigation, an arrest and a search of a house that began late tuesday and cont
million in toll money that would be used for public safety and transportation that, would be coming out of the existing bay bridge construction project budget coming out of what is called contingency part of the budget. so no new money that. still has to be approved next week wednesday by the metropolitan transportation commission. >> heather, thank you. in southern california tonight a major ski resort has been forced to close and a school district placed under lock dmoun a hunt fr a disgruntled excop who has gone on a shooting rampage. the gunman's pickup truck was found on a hillside near big bear in the mountains of san bernardino county east of los angeles them found trackw!!n% nears by and search dogs are scouring the woods for him now. the man is christopher dorner issued a manifesto saying he wants to clear his name after being fired by the los angeles police department five years ago. on sunday authorities believe he killed a daughter of of a former lapd office skbrer her boyfriend in irvine. today he's suspected of killing an officer skb wounding another in riverside. bewe hav
grade girl was found dead in a park. >> she was really nice to people and always hugged us. >> she was known a lot. everyone knew her. >> is she going to be missed?. >> yes. a lot too,. >> police did not release new details. three day days after the 13-year-old's naked body was found in downtown fairfield. investigators canvased the area over the weekend. >> in a young life, it's horrible. >> a small memorial cropped up in the park. she was living in a foster home at the time of the disappearance. the foster parents called police to report her missing thursday afternoon. >> she because in a good environment at the house that. is all i know. >> cheryl says she lived in the same home with the same foster parents until last summer. >> they're probably scared and it brakes -- breaks their hearts. the foster smorj very loving and kind. she's very protective. >> contacted by abc 7 news a spokesman for the agency told us, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who knew this young lady. we'll cooperate to find those responsible. parents told us the murder prompted conversation was
and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful pam am three people have been killed in a helicopter crash near los angeles. the cropper crashed around 4:00 thing morning just outside of the angeles national forest. everyone on board tied. the chopper was being used on a shoot for a military related reality tv show. the circumstances are unknown. >>> the army national guard, state military reserve and fremont emergency responders got in some practice time today. they simulated a dam failure. crews prepared in fremont to protect you. >> when a natural disaster strikes... [screaming] >> and panic sets in, time is precious. that's why hundreds of first responders went through this six hour drill, operation rolling chaos, streamlining their response to protect our community. >> muscle memory. when you're in a trauma situation, you want i
minutes we'll bring you latest information just as breaking news situation be sure to follow us on twitter as well. oakland couple believed to be missing in peru has been found safe near the border of ecuador. garrett and his girlfriend are through south america. laura anthony is in concord. >> the state department will not confirm it, we know both that the couple is safe. if the plan holds, the families should hear from loved ones by telephone tomorrow morning despite that news, she's posted a sign for reporters that reads, quote, until we have proof of life we cannot celebrate these rumors and sightings. proof of life is my son's voice on the phone a picture of him holding the missing poster. calls to family members started to come in at 2:00 this afternoon that the couple was safe and on a boat in a a reliefedcyv after not hearing 1>÷ been posting regularly on facebook. they had not posted or contacted families for a full month. jamies sisters under west sacramento. >> i'm excited coming from them that is awesome. that is awesome. but i still want to hear my sister's voice. as her sist
people or something watching. mike shumann is live in new orleans. he joins us on the opinion. -- on the phone. schucks we had this record-breaking kickoff return and now this. so strange. >> mike: unbelievable. we were all joking, beyoncÉ was so electric the lights went out. and then the kickoff return did not help. the lights are back on. fans are entertaining themselves. doing the wave. the players were all stretching. the halftime was long enough for players in a super bowl. and then to come out ask -- and have this happening, it's tough on athletes to stay loose. the lights have just come back on. and the game will continue. maybe this is the break the 49ers needed. we'll see. bet ruth now it's not looking good for the red and gold. >> ama: were thinking, this could be a momentum-killer for the ravening are right it? will be interesting to see how this goes once they start playing. >> mike: no question. and they start the second half with the kickoff return and you're going, my goodness. but they seem to have the 49ers' number right now. 49ers need to take advantage of
rains on tuesday, and also a very -- 0 colder air mass than what we have been used to the past three to four days. here's a look at the timing. tuesday, 5:00 a.m. we'll noise a few scatters showers but check it out. here comes fro cold front, 9:00 a.m. heaviest rain ahead of it. by the noontime hour all of this will sag to the south, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 8:00, 10:00, much of the rain moved to the mouth but ♪ levels or higher peaks could see as much as three inches of snow above the 2500-foot level. so keep that in mind especially early wednesday morning. tonight, clouds coming in so a little more insulated. upper 50s in the north and east bay locations. low clouds and fog moving in through the bay. 40's near the coast. monday, we all come down. no 60s and 70s but rather 50s. 58 at the coast. 51, half moon bay. 57, palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, 55. sun and clouds mix with thickening clouds in the bay. oakland, 55 degrees. and in interior east bay, looking for temperatures near 60. brentwood tomorrow, 58 degrees. so, cold rain on the way, on tuesday, low snow levels as well. overni
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14